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Donna Messer is a world class writer.

The author of the Canadian Best Seller, “Effective Networking Strategies”.
She co-authored “Mobilizing Mentoring”, an informative publication on how to mentor and be mentored. This book is applicable for youth, special needs, and diversity.

She also wrote “Acronym Soup for the International Soul”. An alphabetic look at how to maximize international business opportunities.  Donna has written thousands of articles on a wide variety of subjects. Most often the articles are on networking, teambuilding, relationships, communications and business development.

Donna is the Lifestyle Editor for Canadian Opportunities Magazine, a national publication on Franchising, Direct Sales and Multi-level Marketing.

Donna is the Lifestyle Editor for Life & Fashion Magazine, a publication on travel, the environment, art, culture and apparel.

Donna is a free lance journalist with regular columns in Career Options Magazine, Enterprise Magazine, and Women with Vision Magazine.  She also writes for Timeless Woman and Company of Woman.  She is a frequent contributor to newspapers and magazines across North America.

Donna writes business profiles – creating pieces that can be used in media, on websites and in brochures.

Donna writes personal profiles – helping to build lasting relationships and create common ground. Her profiles appear in print publications across the province.

Donna researches and writes articles for others – she is an excellent ghost writer.

Donna creates media releases and helps clients get the attention they or their product deserves.

Donna creates the content for Websites – working with webmasters to make sure the words compliment the visuals.

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