Walk with me through the forest – This is not an ordinary forest, but one that you will recognize as we walk. It’s familiar, you’ve been there before.

Close your eyes. Relax and walk with me through that forest. Take the time to experience the forest, tell me, what does it look like? Is there a path? Can you see the sky? Visualize that forest, describe everything you see as you walk. It’s important to your journey of self-discovery.

When you have completed the walk, and written down what you saw, send it to me, and I’ll interpret it for you. Your walk will tell me where you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going………….and it will  tell me what’s stopping you!

Donna Messer
A traveler through the forest of life.

To contact Donna Messer call 905 337 9578 or email info@connectuscanada.com

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