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"The most important single ingredient in the formula of success 
is knowing how to get along with people." 
Theodore Roosevelt 

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"Take a human dynamo, add a whirlwind of ideas, a computer filled with contacts, and a dash of "Just Do It!", and you have the one and only Donna Messer. In the five hours I sat down with Donna -- yes, five hours -- she taught me that the most effective networking is the kind that is win-win. Each person involved needs to benefit from the connection.

And when it comes to connections, Donna is the master. She has the uncanny knack of being able to find that perfect person who vibrates at exactly your frequency. She either knows them personally, or knows someone who does.

And before you know it, you're writing down their phone number, e-mail address, and maybe even their favourite colour by the time it's all said and done. In a world where each of us is only separated from what we want by six people, Donna Messer eliminates the middleman.

She is without question the Guru of Networking."

Karen Cumming
Former longtime CH-TV Reporter

I met Donna Messer a number of years ago at a WFIM event in the GTA.  Since meeting Donna she has been a great asset to our business.

Donna has not only been a mentor to me personally, but to a number of our franchisees, too.

Donna has a unique way of connecting people with people, ideas, markets, media etc. and (if you follow up on what she's suggesting) you can reap great rewards from her keen sense and advice.

Susanne Mikler
Liaison College HQ

" I can't thank you enough. There's been so much positive feedback since the workshop - people are energized and feeling they can take on more, try new things, take chances. This is a big problem with people with disabilties - so often they hang back and feel they should be grateful for whatever they have and won't try for better.

By the way, I too like to write and I feel a big difference since Wednesday. I feel I should jump in and try - not just write for myself and the 4 walls! I've written a book about a Basset Hound. Who knows? Maybe now it'll see the light.. "

Marianne Cooke
Link Up Employment Services for Persons with Disabilities

"The two hours I spent with Donna Messer, have earned me a 30% increase in income and a 50% reduction in time spent away from home. The business connections I made through her workshop have been an integral part of my growing business and personal success."

-- Donna Zmenak, Speech and Language Pathologist

"What a day that was! You really make a difference.You are by far the best speaker, networking person I have ever met. You kept me at the tip of my chair the entire day. This is my 20th year in business, I should have met you at least 10 years ago...You have awaken deep hidden ideas that were just not surfacing! You shared so many valuable ideas, strategies and helpful hints that I feel the energy and ideas just flowing. My business life will never be the same, it is a major turning point!"

- Elaine Nadeau, Aubut & Nadeau Design Communications, Ottawa

 "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I cannot express my appreciation loud enough for your stellar performance in my class today. I literally felt the energy generating off you into the room. The knowledge you provided based on your expertise on the significantly important topic of networking could not have been obtained elsewhere. Ryerson was very fortunate to have you take time out of your demanding schedule to inspire us all."

-- Neil Wolff, Professor, Ryerson Polytechnic University

"Dear Donna:

People who care and share indeed make a difference in our lives and we need to express this each time they devote their time, energy and enthusiasm to us. We want you to know that YOU have made an enormous difference - to the board and members of Women in Food Industry Management and the Baking Association of Canada.

Those who attended our joint dinner meeting were, we know, impressed with the informative and engaging workshop you presented. You are truly an example of "networking in action at its best". We've heard the enthusiastic response not only from our members, some of whom were repeat attendees, but also from BAC first timers. "WOW - I didn't know there was so much more to networking than what I was already doing" and "I learned so much" were comments shared by many of the attendees. A testimony to a very successful event!"

-- Barbara Madry, Chair, Network Events, 
Women in Food Industry Management

"Your session gave me inspiration and hope to keep on working, making my dream of a training company with heart and soul that recognizes that the best resource any company has is its PEOPLE!"

-- Joan Augustino, Career Wise Consultants, Inc.

"Since I've met Donna Messer, she has been both friend and coach to me. Because of her, I have had two articles published and am now working on two business books. With Donna's help, a series of audiotapes will be produced, which will be used in conjunction with my workshop materials and offered for sale at an online web site. Her contact list is unbelievable and she has put me in touch with others that can help me to move forward in my business. Her advice and support has been invaluable to me, and she continues to help me out despite her hectic schedule. She's definitely one in a million.
Thank you Donna!"

-- Elena Turner, Beyond Words

"If you want to think of people you know and the people you don't know yet and how you relate to them and they to you in a totally different light;
If you want to see a new way to run your life and your business;
If you want the ultimate in turning lemons into lemonade; If you want to rid your life of the things that drag you down;
If you want to feel totally uplifted, positive and motivated;
If you want your mind challenged and tickled -

--  Beverly Musten, Merrill Lynch

"Donna Messer's strength as a presenter and facilitator is her ability to communicate with everyone on an individual level. Even in presentations to large groups, she's adept at focusing on individual themes or questions and identifying easy-to-understand solutions; and then providing attendees with personal feedback. One of the best 'communicators' I know, she is comfortable in talking  to just about any type or size of group that requires assistance in marketing, communications, networking, sales, or building business opportunities."

-- Mike Fenton, Director, Rogers Media

"Being the only man in a group of women was an experience in itself. I attended my wife's IAAP(International Association of Administrative Professionals) meeting because of Donna Messer and the topic"Link and Think." Donna didn't disappoint us. Her seminar provided great tools - to the point information. The meeting was very interactive."

-- Tim Ferguson, Integrated Business Solutions
Market Manager-Maintenance
Bell Canada

"To meet you at yesterday's conference was a pleasure. I appreciated your willingness to assist those who spoke with you. I also appreciated your presentation and your application of colors. The links you held in your hand throughout your presentation and the ever-present display board reminded us of the three types. Your application of what you teach was memorable and made a dramatic impact by illustrating how one can link with others. Clearly you practice what you preach!"

-- Gary Page, M.Ed., Head of Guidance
Port Colborne High School

"Thank you so much for coming to speak to the postgraduate Marketing in the New Economy students yesterday. As always you were a major hit. I happened to see some of the students after my meeting and they told me that they thought you were an amazing and motivating speaker and the best speaker they have had in all their university/college years."

-- Margery Taylor, Professor 
George Brown School of Business
Faculty of Business & Creative Arts

"I want to thank you most sincerely for your wonderful presentation. The preparation of our Dream Boards provided me with an insight into where my true goals are. I have the Dream Board in my office at home and refer to it often to help me centre my efforts. Your presentation inspired everyone at our table and those I spoke to later felt that they were energized. Understanding where you have been, where you are and where you want to go is key to being able to reach your vision of success.
I hope to be able to participate in another of your workshops in the future."

-- Sybil Ades, Senior Account Manager 
Royal Bank of Canada

Donna Messer is a strong motivational speaker who distills into her audience a "thinking outside the box" method of making contacts--and she does this effectively. By letting out the secrets to optimal networking practices in a way that's entertaining and enlightening. Ms. Messer changes the way you interact with others and makes you reconsider throwing out what you might considered unimportant contacts.

- Ms. Rachel "the future surgeon" Park


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