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The Art of Effective Networking

An interactive keynote with measurable results, learn the top 10 tips on working a room, building a relationship or making the sale.  Related topics include:

• Building Your Network to Get Work

• Creating Profitable Connections

• New Tools and Innovations” for Team Building

The 3 C’s of Communication

This keynote is designed to inspire and motivate. It’s directed towards those who need to know how to become better communicators and to learn the art of collaborating.  Collaborate, Communicate and Commit. Related topics include:

  • • Creating a Media Plan
  • • Handling Conflict
  • • Finding common ground
  • • The challenges of collaboration

• The Power of Positive Linking

“Link and Think” is a systematic process to tap into your passion and make profitable connections, knowing that the chain you forge is only as strong as its weakest link. This presentation helps build relationships that are reciprocal. Using three coloured links you will learn your communication style, how you think and what you need from others in order to complete a chain of profitable connections.

It’s Your Business!

An inspiring keynote on career alternatives.  Learn the features and benefits of becoming an entrepreneur, franchising, direct sales and MLM’s.  As a result layoffs, downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, many need alternative ways to generate an income.  Related topics include:

  • • 2nd Chance

  • • Career Transition

The Magic of Momentum – It’s Leverage

This keynote provides the basic ways to use leverage to achieve success, personally and professionally. It is by using leverage, that you can lift an incredible load without any struggle. Related topics include:

• Leverage = Speed = Goals

  • • Pay it forward

The Power of One

This keynote is all about leadership and empowerment, using stories and first hand experience. The Power of ONE System uses the RISE Philosophy. Rapport, Information, Solutions, Ethically

  • • ThePower of ONE is being a leader and taking that first step.
  • • Knowing ONE person can have an impact on the world, and create positive change.
  • • Believing that every ONE has the potential to make a difference.  
  • • The Power of ONE is maximizing your potential while empowering others
  • • The Power of ONE it is making the world a better place to live – at every level.


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