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Rise™ Philosophy

Welcome to the ConnectUs RISE™ Network. RISE™ is the acronym we used to develop our strategy for successful networking.

Rapport, Information, Solutions - Ethically!

We know you have a question, a problem or a need. That’s why you dropped by. We believe we can help you. We receive hundreds of emails daily, all asking for contacts, resources or guidance. Using the RISE™ Philosophy, we can help you help yourself.

Consider us your mentors – we can’t tell you what to do, but we can provide you with ideas and alternatives to consider that might be a solution for you. We are lateral thinkers – we see what others don’t see. We help you come up with creative solutions that work.

Provide us with relevant information, give us your W3 and your Mind Map. It’s important that we know who you are, what you need and how we can help you achieve.

We are developing a new culture of integrity. Feel free to ask for what you need, but be willing to share with others who might need what you have to offer.

If you want to RISE™ above all the rest, and become part of this new culture of integrity join the RISE™ Philosophy. If you aren’t comfortable with the networking process, training programs are available. We measure your success – it’s important for us to have you meet and exceed your goals. The ConnectUs RISE™ program is unique.

We host chat and discussion groups. We do business matching worldwide and we make profitable connections. We do this by establishing a rapport, gathering information, and developing solutions – all with the utmost integrity.

Welcome, your journey of discovery has just begun. We know whom you need to know and we will teach you how to use that knowledge wisely. Effective networking is our specialty, using the RISE™ process works – if you abuse our network, you will be asked to leave.

We believe we have found the secret to success in networking – join us and we will share what we know!

The RISE™ Philosophy focuses on the events we facilitate. We offer you the opportunity to reconnect with us and to utilize our expertise.

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