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Power Networking with Donna

Event Details

We meet weekly every Thursday morning on an on-going basis. Donna attends every meeting and spends 1.5 - 2hrs with the group. The agenda is as follows:

Your 1st Meeting – Meet all team members (no more than 10). The following items will be covered:

Discover Your Strengths – Each team member is provided an exercise to help them discover their strengths to be completed for the 3rd meeting (3 weeks). Note that the cost of the workbook  Strength Finders 2.0 is $30 and can be purchased at This exercise will serve to help focus your job search efforts more.

  •  Branding exercise - An exercise to help you discover your "brand". It will be given out as homework to be completed for the 3rd meeting (3 weeks).
  • Resume & LinkedIn – one’s brand and direction must be reflected here.
  • Personal Profile - Each person is provided the Donna personal survey so a profile may be compiled for each member by Donna.

Your 2nd Meeting – Feedback provided from Donna on the exercises. Now each team member is ready to work their networks as all their ducks are in a row. Donna does round table review.

Your 3rd Meeting – Round table review.

Your 4th Meeting – Round table review. Donna provides the personal profile to each member. Donna gives a lesson on “How to work a room”. A networking event follows (invitations sent out in advance to job seekers at large). After the networking event we summarize and adjourn.



Cora's Restaurant
240 North Service Rd W
Oakville, ON L6M 2Y1

Restaurant is located in a plaza on the south-east corner of Dorval Dr. & North Service Rd. W.
We meet in a private area at the back of the restaurant.
Parking is free.


Total Per Person Cost

$200 Payable by Cash, Cheque, or Credit at the first meeting
Each person is responsible for their own breakfast.


Meeting Dates

every Thursday @ 7:30 - 10am


Pay by Paypal

Contact Donna Messer

905 337 9578



“Every week I must review my activities and measure my progress against my weekly targets. Donna is rightfully tough in her expectations of us helping ourselves to move forward. Her suggestions and challenges bring doors into view that I might not have recognized.” June 2009

Mary-Jane Jarvis
IT Business Intelligence Expert

I joined The Power Networking Team to help focus my search in areas I would not have investigated on my own. Donna has steered me towards different venues for networking, what websites to look at, what organizations to volunteer for, how to get on a public speaking circuit, what to look for in our networking sessions, what to put in my blog, both for myself and other team members. You must make yourself visible and stand out. We must look for ideas and contacts for team members. All ideas I would not have thought to try on my own, or known was possible, but am perfectly willing to try. Each week the team reviews our progress, and discuss ideas on the next steps.” June 2009

Marg Pearson
Senior Project Manager - Implementation Specialist

“The system is working for me for a number of reasons. I think first and foremost, the process allows for multiple levels of coaching and support. Donna is the “grand coach”, but we also in turn are coaches to each other. Because the group is small we can get to know what each person in the group is looking for and keep that in mind whenever we see or hear of opportunities. In fact today, I had something to pass on to both Ron and Nick. The second reason that the system works is that the group is made up of great individuals who all come from different backgrounds. Each person is accomplished in his/her own right and has a different perspective to bring to issues. Lastly, a third reason that the group works for me is because of the accountability factor. Each week I feel that I need to make progress as I am going to have to report back to the team. I have never been part of a team like this before where we are all working towards each other’s success. As well, I have never been coached by someone like Donna who has such a vast network and is connected to so many groups and activities. Each week she throws out so many ideas and leads to each of us that it’s impossible to follow up on each and every one of them over the course of the week! ” June 2009

Debbie Kassirer
Marketing Consultant

“Donna’s Power Networking Team has helped me to think creatively about how to become noticed and stand out above the many other job seekers out there. The skills we’re building are more than about getting a job. They’re life skills. They are skills we never needed to hone until now. I never thought I’d author articles for a trade publication and now I have three to my credit. I’ve learned to blog, to barter contacts, and to help others in their job search. I’m learning how to create a job for myself. The biggest benefit I get from Donna’s group is rediscovering my strengths and building self-confidence. People may put on a brave face about why they are in transition, but there is always the doubt about oneself that lingers – why me and not Joe in the next cubicle? Through Donna’s methods and the group’s support, self doubt quickly transforms into self confidence and hope for the future.” June 2009

Ron Boulanger
IT Governance Expert