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Building Bridges for International Business

By Donna Messer

Donna Messer is an international trade specialist. She works with governments on both sides of the border, forming strategic alliances and joint ventures resulting in profitable partnerships.

Using methods she had developed over the last 10 years, Messer helps interested companies build the necessary relationships to succeed in an international market. Founder of ConnectUs Communications Canada, Messer offers training programs, including hands-on workshops and keynote speeches on international twinning, business to business forums and networking. Connecting with a data base of more than 10,000, participants gain insight into the "Art of Effective Networking".

Donna Messer is the author of a Canadian Best Seller, "Effective Networking", winner of several awards including Woman of the Year and Woman on the Move.

Donna's list of credentials include:

- Managing Editor for the Canadian publication BusinessWoman Canada
- Mentor with The Canadian Youth Business Foundation
- Past President of the Canadian Specialty Food Association
- Chair of Women in Food Industry Management
- A Canadian Achiever
- Recipient of the Canada 125 Award

An internationally acclaimed speaker, trainer and coach, Donna is the expert when it comes to building relationships. Using her personal data base of more than 10,000, Donna travels across Canada, throughout the United States and Europe bringing with her the "Gifts" of Effective Networking, Building Business Bridges has become her claim to fame as she successfully links companies around the world.

To connect with Donna Messer and add your company to the data base, e-mail your statistics to

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