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Imagine that everyone in the world is part of an endless chain of connections. That the best way to build business is to be part of that chain. It might be easy to connect, but does that connection actually link into other profitable connections? The Link and Think™ theory shows everyone how to be aware of their missing links and to use the theory to build their own chain of connections.

I am a firm believer in networking and the power that effective networking has on business potential. What I have begun to realize is that my networking technique is based on several hard and fast rules. In this article, I am going to share the rules and reveal the theory of Link and Think™.

First ask yourself the following questions:

• Who am I and what is my strength?
• What are my hobbies and interests?
• Who do I know - What do they know?
• What special skills do I have?
• What charity or volunteer organization do I care about?
• What is my wildest dream?

Once you have identified and answered truthfully all of the above you are ready to proceed to the next step. This information will become part of your infomercial - people don’t always want to know just what you do, without knowing who you really are.

How comfortable am I with the networking process?
Answer the following questions:

• Do I enjoy being part of a large crowd and is it fun to work the room?
• Do I feel more comfortable one on one, and would really prefer not to "work the room".
• Do I do my homework and make sure that I know who I want to meet?
• Do I make a direct contact whenever I network?

What is my comfort level when it comes to networking?
Where am I in the networking chain?

The fact is that each of us have a "networking style". One that is most comfortable for us. If we can recognize that style, we can then "link" with others and form a complimentary chain and maximize our networking potential. Sounds difficult? Not at all!

If you feel comfortable in a crowd, can work a room without hesitation, carry on a conversation, jumping from one topic to another. Chances are you are an Orange Link.

If you feel comfortable talking to people one on one, and like to hear all the details about someone before moving to the next person. Chances are you are a Red Link.

If you do your homework, know what you expect from the event and make a beeline for your target. Chances are you are a Green Link.

Using my theory of the links, it makes sense to "Sell your Strength and Buy your Weakness". Partner up with others who have the strengths you lack. If you are an Orange Link, you need the follow through of the Red Link and the bottom line results produced through the Green Link in order to maximize your participation at any event. By forming this type of chain when networking, each person gets to maximize their own personal comfort level while adding value to the others who are part of their chain of connections.

Working a room as a team using the Link and Think™ theory is simple. The Orange Link is the ice breaker, the person who is most comfortable making first impressions. The Red Link pays attention to details and will make sure there is follow up. The Green Link is sequential, and will summarize the results.

The Link and Think™ theory works not only for networking events, but to help you recognize how to communicate with the people you meet anywhere.

Imagine you are speaking to a Red Link and you are a Green Link - you won’t give enough detail to satisfy the Red Link. They need details!

Here is another scenario you are an Orange Link and you are communicating with a Green Link - you talk in pods, he needs sequence. You lose him.

A few more characteristics of the Link and Think™ Theory:

Orange Link - Big picture thinkers. Starters. Don’t like Criticism. Bore easily. Work best under pressure. They learn by hearing their own voice. They are usually auditory - use words like "I hear what you say."

Red Link - Like to know the full story, all the details. Pays attention to detail. Likes Status Quo. Doesn’t work well under pressure. They are usually empathetic and will use phrases like "I understand how you feel."

Green Link - Sequential thinking, list maker, summarize bottom line facts. Quick wit. Don’t like wasting time. They are usually visual and use words like "I see what you mean."

If you would like to know more - email me at and ask for a copy of "The Link and Think™ Theory of Networking Evolution".

Donna Messer is the founder of ConnectUs Communications Canada. Author of Effective Networking Strategies, a keynote speaker and seminar leader. Winner, Woman of the Year Award, and nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year, by Ernst & Young. Donna travels across Canada and throughout the world teaching effective networking skills.

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