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This page contains a list of other sites you should be aware of if you are to grow your business or begin networking. These links are for information only and are not to be used for prospecting.

Business Networking Events is the number one resource for business networking events in Canada and USA. Sign up for our free weekly business networking event listing in your city and get over $500 in coupons and gift certificates

Heart Alliance  - good web site for leads for training  - employment counseling - speaker/trainer  - speakers Association  - BC newsletter for women. lists all types of info on trade shows and statistics. - a list of importers from around the world - samples of business plans - Women in International Trade. Good site for women who export  - radio station addresses - coaching site

2nd chance with Donna MesserEvery one needs a 2nd chance
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Conversations with EntrepreneursConversations with Entrepreneurs Canada One - A video interview with Donna
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Walk in the Forest with Donna Messer Walk in the Forest
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Close your eyes. Relax and walk with me through that forest. Take the time to experience the forest, tell me, what does it look like?
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