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Top Ten Reasons to Self Publish!

Networking is giving as well as receiving. The following list is our little gift to you. If you can use it great! Share it with friends and associates, pass it on - it might give them a few secrets that will help them produce more results.

1. Self publishing may be the only way to get published. You may not be able to get anyone to professional look at your idea.

2. As a self-publisher you get to keep all of the profits from your sales. You only get 4 - 6% in royalties from a publishing company.

3. You have absolute marketing and editing control when you self publish. 60% of the big publishers do the final editing, 23% select the final title, 37% do not involve the author in promoting their own material.

4. Major publishers may receive up to several hundred manuscripts a week. Unless you’ve published before, the odds are they won’t even look at your material.

5. When you self-publish you are in control every step of the way. By depending on a publisher, you take the chance of never getting anywhere.

6. By self-publishing you gain a different perspective. You handle the complete marketing package.

7. Self publishing saves you valuable time. Using a publisher it takes up to 18 months before the first copy reaches the market.

8. Self-publishing eliminates the waiting and wondering. Waiting for a letter from a publisher that might never come is frustrating and embarrassing.

9. You get more directly involved in the entire process. You develop greater skills and obtain a bigger picture of the world of publishing.

10. As a self-publisher you will receive greater business tax advantages. This can be important as a means of off setting some of the income received from the sale of your work.

You can self-publish by taking your materials (book, manual, report, newsletter, etc.) and by-pass all the "middlemen" by going directly to a printer. You can handle all the marketing and distribution of the product yourself. As a self-publisher you invest your talent, time, energy and money. The benefits you receive are complete control over your product and all the profits!

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