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Top Ten Checks for Investing in a Multi-Level Marketing Business!

Networking is giving as well as receiving. The following list is our little gift to you. If you can use it great! Share it with friends and associates, pass it on - it might help a Leader you know be more successful.

The old command and control style of leadership will not work in the new business environment. A leader in today’s world requires a particular set of skills. Information moves at the speed of light, opportunities appear and disappear and customer loyalty is almost a thing of the past.

1. Articulate vision. A new leader has to be able to convincingly and enthusiastically spread the word, the vision.

2. Attract others who have high potential. Hire and retain key personnel who can articulate the vision.

3. Think Globally. The new leader has to be able to see the big picture.

4. Make Decisions & Solve Problems. Make connections that others don’t see.

5. Take Advantage of Strategic Opportunities. Change directions. Form alliances. Be flexible.

6. Develop Strong Interpersonal Communication Skills. Become a coach and motivate your team. Improve employee performance through personal example.

7. Build Consensus. Get people to work together. Be able to get employees to buy in to a new vision.

8. Manage Conflict. The most highly valued skill in the coming years. It will increase the amount of work that gets done by teams.

9. Be Sensitive to a Diverse Workforce. A keen insight will be needed to succeed with the new workforce

10. Create an Environment In Which Everyone Can Create Their Own Vision. Personal vision precedes, but leads to organizational vision. When every organization member creates and lives their own vision, a "buy-in" is not needed.

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