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Top Ten Things New Managers Need to Survive in Today's Workplace!

Networking is giving as well as receiving. The following list is our little gift to you. If you can use it great! Share it with friends and associates, pass it on - it might help a new manager in your network survive in today’s workplace!

1. Instead of planning for a career, think of two, three or more.

2. Be clear about where your loyalties lie.

3. Start with the assumption that you don’t communicate well.

4. Set you own standards.

5. Set you own boundaries and make sure others are aware of them.

6. Understand the definition of responsibility.

7. Look into the mirror frequently.

8. Do better than your best at everything.

9. Recognize that failure is often necessary precondition to success.

10. Pay more attention to your vision than your plan.

Management isn’t what it use to be. Chaos has replaced order, mobility has replaced security, and cynicism has replaced trust. Men and women entering management need to be aware of the different approaches that might be necessary to succeed. Keep the above 10 things in mind.

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