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Top Ten Ways to Get Media Coverage for Your Business!

Networking is giving as well as receiving. The following list is our little gift to you. If you can use it great! Share it with friends and associates, pass it on - it might help someone in your network produce get media coverage!

1. Write a book on something you like or do. You become an instant expert!

2. Challenge an existing institution and show that you're making progress.

3. Find or create a way to do something in 10% of the time/hassle/cost which it used to before your product/service came along.

4. Create a web site or e-mail newsletter and wait for a reporter/writer to start your media coverage.

5. Hire a PR firm and ask THEM to achieve coverage for you.

6. Build a track record of serving a particular niche, then call your local newspaper. Tie the niche in with a favorite charity or event.

7. Take an existing product or service, and change/customize it so that it is revolutionized.

8. Link what you do/offer to an already existing trend or news event.

9. Add an electronic or free component to what you offer and pitch the story with an Internet angle.

10. Get someone important to endorse you, or what you're offering.

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