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Top Ten Ways to Take Action!

Networking is giving as well as receiving. The following list is our little gift to you. If you can use it great! Share it with friends and associates, pass it on - it might help someone in your network produce take action!

1. Take time to get organized. How’s your work space?

2. Begin the night before. Don’t wait until the last minute.

3. Prioritize your plan. What’s most important? Divide your time into objectives i.e. marketing, correspondence, meetings etc.

4. Honour your personal work style. When are you the most creative? When is the best time to do routine chores?

5. Cat Nap. We all have low points in our energy. Refresh yourself with a brief nap or meditation period.

6. Schedule time blocks rather than tasks. Give yourself a break, reduce your stress level. Objective-orientated tasks i.e. expense-keeping allocate an hour. You will get measurable results and you won’t get bogged down.

7. Make the first touch with any project the deciding one. Follow the WIFO principle - this stands for worst in, first out. Don’t keep postponing a project because of the part you don't want to do.

8. Schedule a clean up day. Take time to dispose of all those little jobs that pile up.

9. Become fully focused on the present. Don’t worry about what you have to do next. Concentrate on now, it gets the job done quicker and easier!

10. Reward yourself when the job is done!


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