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ConnectUs Success Team Strategies

Network To Success

This program is only available to ConnectUs Canada members
"Achieve your goals with the help of an effective team"

What is a Success Team?

Network To Success is a program where you and other members form mastermind groups to help each other achieve business goals. Success Teams consist of 10 members who meet monthly for three months.

What is involved?

You and other ConnectUs Canada members will form Success Teams and network with each other’s friends, colleagues, business associates, and relatives – anyone who can add value to your business ventures. At ConnectUs we sell our strengths and buy our weaknesses.

Each Success Team will meet monthly for three months with the sole purpose to help team members connect and focus on successfully completing specific goals within a set period of time.
You and your Success Team members will each design an action plan and focus on achieving results with the support of each other. Everyone will be guided through the Mind Mapping process to ensure a pathway is clearly defined. The secret to success is for each member to receive and offer support. Wishes and dreams are achievable goals when everyone works together. Being accountable to other members of the team will help keep you on track.

Here is how Success Teams work . . .

Members will meet at ConnectUs Centre and form several Success Teams. Each Success Team will have a designated scribe and a timer. You and your team members will each have 5 minutes to make a presentation – a brief overview of who you are, your goals, and what you need. The timer will ensure each member stays within the time limit.

As each member presents, the scribe notes important items including the needs, strengths, and goals of the presenter. At the end of each 5-minute presentation, the other team members will offer ideas, contacts, and leads for another 5 minutes. Again, the appointed scribe takes notes, which are handed to each team member after their presentation.

At the next meeting, each presenter will report on their success toward reaching their goals based on the shared the ideas, leads, and contacts generated at the previous meeting.

Success Team Rules
Everyone has an equal opportunity to speak.
Everyone must give ideas, leads, and contacts and support.
Everyone must agree to a confidentiality clause if needed.
Everyone must be willing to take the responsibility of scribe.

Our Promise.......

You don't have to be afraid of the unknown. Your competition doesn't stand a chance with a ConnectUs Success Team in your corner.

The top priority is to create and deliver measurable results. Whether you are building your brand or creating a media strategy, a ConnectUs Success Team will help you grow your business. The team will help you reach out to your target markets and achieve your goals and objectives.

Give us your W3. Who are you? What do you need? What are you willing to share? We'll sit down with you for a consultation and planning session and brainstorm ways to help your business grow, reach new markets, and stir up the industry.

At ConnectUs we love success stories and as part of your team – we can make things happen!

Sign up today! Call us at 905-337-9578

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