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Rules of Good Networking

Be open
Be open to new ideas, opportunities and people. There could be answers and magic in everything and everyone.

Be prepared
"Success in networking, is when preparedness meets opportunity." Learn the skills you require to network effectively.

Give just to give
Don’t give with the sole purpose of getting something back.

Treat everyone as equals
There is no real value in title or prestige alone. Value is in the information and support people can give, and that often comes from surprising sources. A network is not a bureaucracy or a hierarchy. It is a level and fair playing field.

Ask for yourself
If you need help, ask! It sounds simple but far too many people don’t do it. Your closest associates often don’t help you when they might, because you don’t tell them what you need.

Say thank you
Thank the people who have helped you.

Commit yourself to following through. Work hard. Networking takes time. Only you can do your own work. Don’t abuse others by receiving their help then refusing to act on it.

Be courteous
Listen to others when they speak. Don’t monopolize the conversation. Get to the point quickly.

Talk with as many people as you can at a networking function. Establish identities, needs, goals and resources. Handle detailed discussion at a later date.

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