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The How, Where and Why to Network

Many people harbor misconceptions about networking. The cliché of wealthy men playing the power game on an exclusive golf course is no longer an accurate picture of networking. Today networking is a tool for men and women of all ages to build the structure everyone needs to successfully achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

We already have a network, the problem is many of us don’t know how to "tap" into it, to use our network wisely. The single most important networking skill to develop is lateral thinking. We must be able to be open minded and see " connections" between everyone in our network. Far too many people fail to make the right connections because of narrow thinking. Using the tools of good networking, a profitable link can always be made.

Careful listening is also an important tool. You will be amazed at how easy it is to connect people if you really listen to what is being said. Start your conversation with, "Hello, my name is ........How can I help you? In every instance, the reply will be the same.....I don’t know tell me what you do. This opening will give you the opportunity to give your one minute infomercial, which will provide all of the information needed to allow the other person to decide how you can help.

How do you network?

  • By thinking laterally
  • By listening carefully
  • By giving an effective one minute infomercial

Where do you network?

  • Everywhere!
  • Associations
  • Board of Trade
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Special Interest groups
  • Schools
  • Planes, trains, boats & buses

Why do you network?

  • To build business contacts
  • To meet new friends and associates
  • To find employment
  • To achieve goals

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