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Ice Breakers Introduction

The following are fun ways to break ice at any networking event. It gives people a chance to learn something new about even the oldest acquaintance. Have fun, and build better business relationships while you enjoy the conversation.

Dream Vacation - Ask everyone to introduce themselves and describe their ideal vacation. It gives everyone the opportunity to find out if they have common interests when it comes to time off.

Favourite animal - Ask everyone to name their favourite animal. Ask for 3 adjectives that describe that describe that animal. Example - dog - golden retriever - loyal, friendly, playful. Then suggest that they use these adjectives in describing themselves.

Birthday Partner - Find someone in the group whose birthday, not year, is closest to them. Find two things they have in common.

Name game - Find three adjectives that use the first letter of your first name. Use these in conjunction with your position.

New best friend - Take a number, now find your duplicate.- learn enough about that person in 2 minutes to introduce them at the event as "My new best friend

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