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The true joy in life is to be used for a purpose recognized as a mighty one. Life experiences are cycles to be shared. As long as I live it is my privilege to do whatever I can to share what I learn. Keeping me on track and moving forward.

CyclesCycle - an interval of time during which a characteristic, often regularly repeated event or sequence of events occurs.

How often do we observe the return to popularity of a clothing style, a car design or a food trend? We talk about it coming back in style. Think about it. Our grandparents tell us about what it was like in their day……..and soon we notice this phenomenon happening all around us. These are Cycles, and this is what this book is all about.

Nothing is new. What might seem innovative or in vogue is merely the recycling of ideas, trends and styles. This book is about the cycles of life, my life……the twists, turns, successes and failures that have been repeated time and again. What these cycles show is how easy it is to learn. Learning what works so we can duplicate it, and learning what causes failure so we can refrain from repeating it.

Our life cycle is like that of the caterpillar. It must go through each stage of its life before it can become a butterfly. What this means is that we need to take the time to experience each phase in our life, to learn from it, and recognize that it will be repeated over and over again as we grow older.

The lessons you will learn from this book are many, and all will be based on my own experiences or from the people who have been part of my life as I went through a particular cycle.


Join me on this journey of discovery as I share the cycles in my life.

Donna Messer Lets Walk Now


Cycles of Life - Preview by Lee Koren, PHR

Cycles of Life I am a friend and colleague of Donna Messer so when she asked me to review the draft copy of her new book Cycles I was thrilled.

As I started to read I realized the book is actually an autobiography of Donna' life and career. It is written with passion and dedication in Donna's typical story like fashion.

Donna takes you on an inspiring journey of her childhood, teen years and adulthood. She does an excellent job of weaving her wisdom, philosophy and innovation together to illustrate how she uses her talent to bring people together.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning what makes one of Canada's leading authors, speakers and journalist so successful.

This is definitely a must read for all of us who dare to dream!

Lets Walk Now

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