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  July, 2007  
Volume III, Issue 9

Donna MesserWe have all heard about The Secret. We have watched the video, and read the book.  It is all about the Power of Attraction. It is about visualizing, affirmations and positive thinking.

Well here is The Secret from a ConnectUs perspective. For the past 10 years clients have been coming to us with their needs. The first thing we do is ask them a series of questions to determine who they are, where their strengths lie, and what they are willing to do to help themselves. Then, we bring them into the office and we start to create an action plan based on their wish list. Some of our clients have amazing success stories that we happily share.

We often get them to Walk in the Forest, a visualization exercise that helps them to relax and tell us what they see as Walk in the forestthey walk. It is insightful, and often the results of the walk helps the clients recognize what is stopping them from achieving their goals.

We get them to Look in their mirror, and tell us what they see. Quite often it is not very complimentary, however when we look in their mirror, we see something quite different and we provide them with a positive description of what we see. They have to post those words where they can see them!  This sounds a little like affirmations. We give every one of out clients One Minute of Fame It is a bio that we write for them based on what they tell us. It is nothing but positive reinforcement, an encapsulated life picture that presents something our clients are happy to share with colleagues and family.

Everyone deserves to be a winner so we often nominate them for an applicable award. We introduce them to other colleagues and clients that will shore up any weaknesses they may have and tap into their strengths. We write articles featuring their strengths and send those articles out to the media. It is the power of positive thinking, using a strategic, systematic approach.  We show them How to become that winner

We give all our clients a rubber band, which they wear around their wrist, that is to keep them aware of how many times they have negative thoughts around a positive action. They have to snap that elastic each time that negativity rears its ugly head!

The power of leverageWe teach them the Power of Leverage and get them to identify who they know. Using leverage they can achieve new heights!  We recommend books they need to read, and encourage them to think laterally.

We go through a series of exercises with clients to help them develop a systematic approach to achieving their goals. We encourage them to become speakers, and most often get them to join a local Toastmaster club. We find out if they like to write, and if they do, we get them to consider submitting articles to magazines and newspapers. If they really like writing, they might even write a book!  We even show them how to Use Media Wisely.

We share Our Resources with clients, we know whom they need to know, and we make the introductions. We hold each side accountable so that there is always a win for everyone.

We are cheerleaders, coaches and mentors. We see what they do not. We provide everything they need to achieve their goals. We believe in them, we see their potential and we encourage it.

The Secret is simply surrounding yourself with people who are positive thinkers.  Hire a coach that will help guide you and keep you on track, you do not have to take the journey alone. Build your database and share it with everyone you meet. We guarantee you will have a journey of discover you will never forget!

At ConnectUs we offer a number of ways to learn The Secret and maximize using it.  You can consider Dining with Donna, a fun way to pick her brains without it costing you much. You simply take her out for a meal, and donate $50.00 to her favourite charity. 

You can invite her to speak at one of your functions, and she will share The Secret with you and your colleagues.

If you are Looking for articles for your newsletter or publication, we will share ours with you.

We have found The Secret, and we are yelling it from the roof tops. If you want something, ask for it. Be prepared to work for it. And build the relationships you need to get it.


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