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June, 2004
Volume I, Issue 4

Inukshuk on the rise


Not just pile of rocks or stones, these rocks are being strategically placed by people like us, one rock at a time, we are building Rapport, adding Information and finding Solutions, ethically. Using RISE we can truly make a difference.

We, like the Inuit are creating something that will mark the way, we are people determined to survive and determined to succeed. The Inukshuk is a guide, giving direction to fellow journeyers. The RISE strategy is a guidepost pointing the way - building Rapport, sourcing Information, and finding Solutions - Ethically. This is a new beginning for us and for many who will follow.

Like the Inukshuk we stand today, symbolic of our responsibility to one another and our dependence on one another. "The difference we can make today, will count in all our tomorrows..........."

The Inukshuk is a powerful symbol of the importance of making an effort today that will make the way better and safer for all of us tomorrow.

Together, through RISE we can make a difference. Let's acknowledge our responsibilities to one another to make our world a better, safer, more caring place.

This is the 4th newsletter this year, we have been watching what is happening around the world and in Canada and we have been reporting on areas we feel are valuable and of interest to our readers. We have a Federal election in our midst – it is our responsibility to recognize that this new culture of integrity must be part of the platform for all politicians. No longer can we trust election promises, they must be held accountable. RISE Up Canada is one of the most efficient ways we can monitor our federal representatives. Don't just vote this time around, build a rapport with your candidates, get to know them before you vote. Ask questions, get their answers and document that information. Hold them accountable. Recognize that if achievable solutions aren't in their platform, you shouldn't vote for them. RISE stands for rapport, information, solutions – ethically. Change is inevitable make sure you vote with your head, not your heart. I speak to many groups of foreign trained professionals each year, and recognize the importance of identifying their needs and values during this upcoming election. Leadership candidates need to embrace the RISE philosophy, to build the rapport with our new Canadians, to gather relevant information available and to find appropriate solutions that will help both Canada and our new Canadians flourish. The open letter to the leadership candidates was copied to me – I am happy to share it with you.

We provide you with information that is relevant and timely. In this issue we are encouraging you to consider volunteering with programs directed towards our youth. Programs like ACE, Advancement for Canadian Entrepreneurship that help students develop their entrepreneurship talents. We suggest that Camp Enterprise, a business boot camp for high school students sponsored by Rotary is another wonderful way to help kids help themselves. I speak to these groups each year, and I am impressed with what these kids learn and what they do with what they have learned. No longer can we sit back and expect our children to know, evaluate and decide what's right for them – they need guidance. At ConnectUs we are working on a program that will provide a template to help kids make well-informed decisions.

We salute the champions and offer an article on Community Living and the importance of Social Capital. Chris Grayson from Community Living Campbellford provides role models for organizations wanting to conquer the problems of diversity, by using self-advocacy.

I was privileged to be able to attend the Women Trading Globally conference in B.C. last month. I met more than 300 businesswomen from around the world. One group of women were delegates from Iraq. Meeting them and hearing their stories has changed my life. There is a tremendous opportunity for Canada to provide these women with the tools they need to help educate their children, they believe that Canada can help them make a difference. I have the Connector List and I am happy to make business matches between these women and our readers

I truly believe that as Canadians we can make a difference, in our own country and around the world. For those of you who know me, you will be familiar with the We Choose Canada initiative we founded last year on Canada's birthday. This year for Canada's birthday we are holding a huge birthday party – one that will bring attention to our country, our people, and our spirit! The initiative this year is called RISE up Canada! It's time we recognized that as Canadians we need to RISE up and recognize what we want for our country and our citizens. The RISE program was founded by ConnectUs and is a strategy we use in all our business development. The Toronto Chapter of the Junior Chamber of Commerce will be helping us celebrate by having a birthday cake at their World Conference in Honduras.

We are delighted with the progress ConnectUs is making not only with our RISE program, but also with our Network to Get Work satellites being launched around Ontario. Our first launch is in Guelph on June 29th, 2004. Our launch pad experts, our "Opportunities Team" will be instrumental in launching many new projects over the next year.

Nina Menezes is our web master and our newsletter publisher, she is instrumental in making our network, work! Ramona Ostrander is our clarity expert, guiding us as we define our goals and objectives. Dianne McDonald is our creative administrator, providing for all our office needs – virtually! Richard Messer is our "Mission Control" he is the voice behind each event, the person who makes building rapport, gathering information and finding solutions look easy!

The Flowing Point, a book being co-authored by J.P. Hatala and myself is coming along nicely. We have both been writing furiously and will soon introduce a program that jointly we see as the answer to many of the problems people face when networking. So many of us don't know that there is a process that must be followed in order to achieve a pre-determined goal. The process will provide the template and the training to go from opportunity to solution.

The Art of Effective Networking is included in this newsletter. We have also launched our new ConnectUs Forum – which is based on RISE. If you have a question, or want to meet other individuals who believe that networking isn't just exchanging business cards – then visit the Web site and join us.


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