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April, 2004
Volume I, Issue 3

Canada Connects !

The topics covered in this month's newsletter center around our economy, our students and our ability to recognize that change is inevitable. If we don't adapt to the changes needed we will not succeed. The Challenges of Change happens to all of us. An article on how to adapt is included in this newsletter. We have even addressed bankruptcy and how to use the American Chapter 11 as a template to identify when and how change can be implemented.

The articles included in this issue come from a variety of sources – all are experts in their field. ConnectUs has been actively supporting our educational system and our students for years. Over the past 10 years we have seen tremendous changes in that system. We write about the positive impact we see from programs that include mentoring, team building and role modeling. We encourage you to think about balance in your life and we have included an invitation for women around the world to join us on a cruise. WinClub 2004 - where professional women connect, it's cool, it's casual and it especially for you and your family! Spouses and kids are included in this adventure to visit three countries.

It is commonplace to see students hosting conferences, bringing in keynote speakers that not only provide a much needed message, they agree to mentor, to support and to challenge our students to stand up for their beliefs and be accountable. Rob Brower, Senior Auditor from KPMG was one such person who delivered an empowering speech to university students at a Roundtable Conference held recently in Toronto. His speech covered the importance of ethics and integrity in our government, our industries and in ourselves. His topic spurred me on to write my own article on this new era, this new "culture of integrity". No longer can we just trust, no longer can we believe what we hear, today we must rebuild the confidence that we've lost, step by step. Rebuilding is not difficult if you know the steps you need to take, hopefully, my article provides the roadmap we need to become part of that new "culture of integrity".

As a board member on a variety of not-for-profit organizations, I recognize fully how important it is for me to not only know my fellow board members, but also to know that everything that is being done is transparent and above reproach. Who would have thought that it would come to this? To know intuitively is not enough. Now as effective and ethical board members we must know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have met the criteria and have passed. I want to introduce you to some of the boards that are part of ConnectUs and our desire to foster this new era, this "culture of integrity".

The first organization is dear to my heart, Women in Food Industry Management – I have been an active board member for more than 10 years, and Chair for many of those years. This organization is mandated to build stronger, more profitable relationships for our members. We mentor students, we help downsized men and women from the food sector find new opportunities, we produce a newsletter, and we host events. These events bring top-level industry speakers to our members and this year, thanks to several of those speakers, WFIM has a new focus. We call it "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" and our wrath and concern is directed at those foods that are not providing us with healthy eating and healthy living. We have begun to rethink our industry and we are rapidly rebuilding many of our products to reflect the concerns of trans fats and unfriendly carbs. We have begun the fight that must be launched for our children, for statistics say that they may not outlive their parents! Childhood Obesity is running rampant, and WFIM is introducing a program called Step by Step that will help turn the tide when it comes to healthy living and eating. The article encourages everyone to get in step, and rebuild a healthier life style.

The next organization I want to focus on is Women in International trade - group hosted an event for International Students participating in co-op placements and internship programs. The event was a sell out and the results of that initiative have been documented. Monika Bedard, a student studying international trade wrote the article and will be working with ConnectUs on issues that arose from that meeting. OWIT is also sponsoring an event being held in B.C. called Women Trading Globally. This event will culminate in Toronto on April 5th
Many organizations help Canadians find jobs. Job Start is one of those agencies. They provide training programs and co-op placements for many men and women who have gone through some type of transition. Many are new Canadians with an international designation that isn't recognized here. The article on Physician Assistants is one that might be one answer to our healthcare needs.

We encourage you to Network and Get Work. Join us on the 3rd Wednesday of every month and meet men and women who are anxious to become part of an ethical and effective process that builds business for anyone attending.

At ConnectUs we stress the importance of following a plan – of developing an agenda before you begin to network. We are delighted to inform our members of a new program that we will be launching soon. The program called FlowWork is the brainchild of ConnectUs and Evaluform -

John-Paul Hatala and I have found that we can complement each other by joining forces, and together we have written a book called The Flowing Point.

We welcome your comments and your interest in the topics we've addressed.


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