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February, 2004
Volume I, Issue 2

Canada Connects !

Donna MesserThis is the second edition of our ConnectUs newsletter. It's all about who we are, what we do and the people we think you might want to know. ConnectUs is a company that designs, develops and delivers training programs and is on the leading edge of what's hot in the world of training.

In this issue we are covering an exciting new topic called Social Capital along with a little trivia on the subject. Social Capital is a new buzzword – we believe it will be an important part of the discussions held between government, organizations and communities. Social capital refers to the institutions, relationships, and norms that shape the quality and quantity of a society's social interactions. Increasing evidence shows that social cohesion is critical for societies to prosper economically and for development to be sustainable. Social capital is not just the sum of the institutions, which underpin a society – it is the glue that holds them together.

We share with you an article written by a Homeopathic Doctor, about the problems parents face with children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, and we invite you to join Dr. Chantell Tunney on February 19th, to learn how you can help your child be the best he/she can be without drugs!

We know how important marketing is to business development, and we include an article we call The Dating Game, an exciting new way to make sure that you not only get the date, you can buy the ring! Permission Marketing is just like dating. It turns strangers into friends and friends into lifetime customers. Many of the rules of dating apply, and so do many of the benefits. And according to the article, finding the right partner, whether it's for marriage or in business, is all about networking……finding out what you have in common, getting to know each other and if the decision is mutual….getting in bed together to finalize the union.

Speaking of dating, we have a workshop coming up on March 3rd at our ConnectUs Conference center, it's sponsored by The Executive Dating Service and it promises to provide single men and women with the answers to many of their dating problems. Plan to attend, register now as there is limited seating.

We have been working on our database and we now have more than 11,000 men and women who have given us permission to include them as part of our network. These are people who have been in our workshops, attended conferences, trade shows and events that we have been part of – or have simply asked to be included in our Ultimate Network.

Imagine, being connected to all of the people who are part of our network. We want to unite Canadian businessmen and women across the country. To teach them to Network and Get Work.

We offer you the chance to be part of our Ultimate Network simply share this newsletter with your associates – it's an excellent way to build business. Use the "Tell a Friend" connection and it will be sent out with your special message.

We have also included an article on Fraud, and another on how to Protect Your Personal Security.

We share an article on pet therapy, and the important role our pets play in our lives. We recognize that it's hard to say goodbye when we lose a pet – and we encourage you to visit the website.

And finally we offer you an electronic copy of our latest issue of BWC. It's our gift to you, as part of our celebration for International Women's Day. We would like your opinion, would you be interested in subscribing to an online version of BWC?
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