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December, 2005
Volume II, Issue 8


Happy Holidays everyone!



Donna MesserThis newsletter is all about Integrity.

With all of the confusion about "he says, she says" – I felt that it was time to focus on the importance of Integrity, not only within your own company, but also amongst the organizations and the networks you belong to. In my network of men and women, corporations and organizations are held accountable. I won't refer without permission and I will never knowingly abuse anyone in my network. Integrity is the most important part of networking.

I wrote an article for the current issue of Enterprise Magazine – it's timely and it's relevant, "It's all about Integrity".

In the last issue of this newsletter I shared a current issue of Enterprise magazine – in this newsletter I share the last two issues. Enjoy them with the compliments of ConnectUs. This is a strategic alliance that works – it's ethical, it's beneficial to both parties and all of you in my database win, because you can access copies of the magazine directly from the ConnectUs website.

Another alliance that ConnectUs has that we are very proud of is the one with CACEE and Career Options Magazine. We write in each issue, we give out copies when we speak, and we now can offer PDF copies of last two issues. If you are a student, a recruiter or just looking for great insight into finding that perfect career - this publication is for you! Read it, remember what you read, and refer it to your colleagues!

Canada's Women of InfluenceI've been contracted to produce a special section for Enterprise Magazine, focusing on "Canada's Most Influential Businesswomen" - this will be an enlightening experience for me, because the criteria for nominating these women is unlike any other I've ever encountered. I will search for women across the country that have truly made a different in their industry, their sector or the lives of others.

"Canada's Most Influential Businesswomen" must have the power to produce an
effect or change without any apparent exertion of force or direct exercise of command. They will be leaders, without having to be in a position of leadership. They will have made a difference that is not based on prestige, wealth, ability or position. They will have set an example of what can be done. They are mentors, role models and champions." A nomination form is included. Take the time to recognize a woman you know who has been able to effect change.

Opportunities UnlimitedI've been working with a number of alliances where integrity is key. Youth in Motion partnered with ConnectUs to offer a government program for young women at risk called "Opportunities UNLimited". If you know a young woman who would benefit from the program please forward this newsletter.

I've seen my articles and my topics become #1 in the search engines and I'm delighted to let everyone that this is another alliance where integrity plays an important role. Evan Carmichael has taken more than a dozen of my articles and strategically placed them to watch them rise to the top of the information chain. If you want to raise awareness for you and your company, see what Evan has done for us.

Mr. Bob is an old friend from the Barrie area, he has been looking for alliances that will work for his network. We've agreed to provide that alliance. Our articles are being featured on his website and we believe that there will be mutually beneficial opportunities for our database. For all the details visit

I'm sure that everyone knows that I love to write, and that at the drop of a hat, I'll create another article on a relevant and timely issue. What I didn't realize is that I haven't put those articles in a place where everyone can read them. In this newsletter we include a link to an archive of articles, that I think are worthy of revisiting and re-reading. I encourage you to R&D – see if there is any relevant and timely information that you can use in your next article.

Last but not least, I'd like to share a few success stories. The Kerr Village BIA is up and running and Richard Messer is the new Chair. My young friend Lauretta Reid has her service dog and the partnership is working out very well. Jeff Foreman, my colleague with Asperger's Syndrome has been actively fund raising and has been very successful in raising the money he needs to get his book "Raging Silence" published. A few more fundraisers and the book will be on the street!

The FloWork networking system continues to prove itself and everyone who is being coached is using the process to focus on their opportunities and take them to solution. We now offer training using a Webinar that is available on line.

I encourage all of my readers to peruse the ConnectUs website, look at the FAQ's, tap into the resources and websites I've shared with you in the past and continue to follow the network with Integrity. Who you know, what they know, and how you share that knowledge is the secret to a successful and ethical relationship where both sides of every introduction win!


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