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June, 2005
Volume II, Issue 7

Donna MesserIt's all New! The dictionary describes new as "changed for the better; rejuvenated"

Here is what's new at ConnectUs: We've moved - our new address is still on Kerr Street, but we are now located at 323 Kerr Street, Suite 202, Oakville, ON, L6K 3B6. We've formed an alliance with one of our local restaurants – and we use the T Bones Grille and boardroom for our Network to Get Work events.

We have another alliance - with Hayden Bradshaw, the publisher of Enterprise Magazine, Canada's new national magazine for small and medium sized businesses, and I'm the cover story for this issue. Starting with this issue –readers and subscribers will receive new issues compliments of ConnectUs!

Having the opportunity to be the cover story presented a few challenges. I needed to find the right clothes and the right photographer. Andrea Neilson, of As it Happens Photography, is the photographer and a genius. Jean Price of Clews Clothing, designed my suit and it was exactly what I needed. Casually elegant, timeless, and it has pockets!

Richard has introduced the CIA template to Penetanguishene. The results were spectacular. There is finally a BIA on Kerr Street and Richard has been elected as Chair and Executive Director. Congratulations!

Jose and LaurettaWheelAppeal is launched. An initiative to help young girls in wheelchairs have service dogs of their own. The first match is Josie and Lauretta Reid.

We been asked about publishing help for new writers. Bob Leishman reviews my workshop, "How to become a profitable author". Keegan O'Leary is this month's "Acknowledged Author".

We launched the first FloWork Retreat this month in Prince Edward Country. It was awesome. Our FloWorkers are being monitored for 90 days and their success will be documented in our book The Flowing Point.

FAQ's for this month include: Where do I go for editing, publishing and ghost writing. What is an E book? How do I use a Blog? How do I network a room effectively? Do I need a coach? How do I become a speaker?

We are beginning to review new products and services and this month. We have a review done by our co-op student from Sheridan College. The product is an on line faxing service and our review shows not only what it does, but what it can save you in dollars, cents and paper! We will be using it for a month or so and will give you the scoop once we have evaluated it.

Enjoy this month's issue – re-read back issues, tap into the board opportunities. Think about whom you know and who might need to know them – share your resources! Practice the RISE Philosophy. If you want to know about public events or where I'm going to be for the next month or so – check out Where's Donna?

Benefit from what's New, take a deep breath, and start fresh. If what you are doing isn't working, ask yourself why? If you need help – let us know, we may be able to introduce you to exactly what you need! Remember it's not what you know, but whom you know that helps you grow! A FloWork Retreat or one of our coaching sessions might be just what you need!


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