International Women’s Day
March 8th, 2004




Imagine a world that we can “connect” with each other by just sitting down and talking via the Internet. That world consists of Africans, North and South Americans, Europeans and Asians - and many will be non white. Half of the entire wealth of this group will be in the hands of just a handful and most of that wealth will come from North America. As businesswomen, we can share that wealth, through technology, through training and by building the relationships needed to foster profitable business growth. Through our magazine we already connect businesswomen to each other around the world, this is another step towards our global community.

We see an opportunity to be surrounded by citizens from all of those countries and to connect with them on a business level. We know that the world is changing, but that isn’t news. What is news is the pace at which the change is occurring. Information technology is accelerating the process dramatically. The shift from agriculture to industry and now to information processing has been rapid. Now, in the developed world we have taken information technology to innovation. A shift that is most significant. By using Internet technology, and our on-line ConnectUs Forum, we can introduce women in business to each other around the world in celebration of International Women’s Day. We can be linked to women’s associations around the world, forming a chain of information technology that will benefit all of the businesswomen we connect with. Using the forum, we can provide contacts, information, trends, training and methods that will enable the citizens of our Global Community to communicate and compete in world economy by working together.

This article is about economy, it is about women and their economic clout around the world. We will provide you with the opportunity to tell us about a women in your country who will share their insight on trends, innovative access to capital, strategic alliances, and potential joint ventures. In a sentence, this will be a glimpse towards the future - paving the way for globalization of the world economy, fostering social integration without sacrificing cultural diversity. Women can lead the way, recognizing that creativity and innovation are the building blocks for the next economic era.

We have been part of many successful world conferences and we have documented success stories of many businesswomen who have participated in these conferences. We will continue to profile women from around the world, women who are willing to share their experiences. We will help them form strategic alliances and build bridges to better business in the new millennium. Using our forum, our newsletter and our company, ConnectUs International Inc. we will make a difference, by instigating introductions to women we know around the world.

Please join me, participate in our on line Forum, share your stories, your needs and your expertise. Imagine a world where you can “connect” with businesswomen everywhere. Women can lead the way, using our creativity and innovation as the building blocks for our economic future. If International Trade is the door to the future of world economy then we, at the magazine can provide the key that will unlock that potential globally.

Donna Messer is the founder of ConnectUs Communications Canada, author of the Canadian best seller, Effective Networking Strategies, a keynote speaker and international trade specialist. Winner of Woman of the Year, Donna travels across Canada and throughout the world building bridges for better business. Donna can be reached at Share your success stories with her at

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