Leadership Defined




"What is the Single, Most Important Success Element in your career or business? You are!”

If you think your product knowledge alone will carry you through – think again.

If you think it’s not important to know what effect you have on others – think again.

If you think you can get somewhere without a plan – think again!

Simply knowing how to do your job or knowing how to sell your product is not enough. Among other things, understanding your impact on others, how you influence a situation, which of your skills need development and how to listen effectively is knowledge key to your success. Whether you run your own business, or work for someone else, you cannot live on “technical skills” alone!

In fact, there are 6 Strategic Steps to Success and a company by the name of “Leadership Defined” has put them together in a well-developed training session. The co-founders have put together a series of personal and professional development modules. The modules cover such things as identifying strengths and developing strategies for improvement, Personal communication styles and how to maximize effectiveness, personal career path coaching, Strategic Networking and Life planning.

The team, Linda Wu and Gay Miller, believe that everyone is a leader. “It may be on a committee in your church or for your family” says Linda Wu “or it could be in your business or career, but someone is following you somewhere!” The point is leadership is about life and life is holistic. “People now want to balance their work and personal lives” adds Gay Miller “ and the only way to do that is to assess your core values, make sure your current path is synergistic with those and set goals that include your personal life”. When core values and everyday actions are not in sync it causes stress and dissatisfaction; life becomes more difficult. "Leadership Defined" has gone beyond just looking at core values and incorporates a complete assessment of business and life skills, so participants can plan for their life.

You get what you measure and you achieve what you set goals for!

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