Your message can be delivered with SIZZLE!"

I Think I Can!" Keynote

Tell us what message you want to communicate to your participants, and we will deliver it for you...as only the "dynamic and inspirational"....."Canada's best motivational speaker"...Donna Messer can!

Whatever your objectives, Donna will energize your participants with a keynote that kicks off your event with sizzle!

Programs can be tailored to YOUR objectives!

"We Think You Can!" Workshop

Sit back and enjoy a workshop by Donna Messer...

An interactive program specially designed for your objectives and message!

What is it you want your attendees to do? Are you working on retaining membership, attracting new clients, having fun while still being profitable? Whatever industry you're in, whether your workshop is for management or staff, Donna can deliver her half day, full day, or a multiple day interactive workshop with impact.

Using the theme of the "Little Engine That Could", Donna weaves an inspirational story as she explains that we're like that little engine that didn't know what could be accomplished until there was no alternative! Are you, or your organization, like that little engine spending all your time 'shunting cars back and forth, back and forth'?

Is your organization locked into one mode of action and perception? If so, Donna has the magical words......"I think you can!!!" that will change the way your company relates to business development.

Hold on to your hats as Donna inspires your team to look inward, to make personal decisions, that will become the outward expression of their most exciting goals!

You will learn to:

• See yourself through the eyes of others, learning to recognize the talents/skills you take for
• Help your team think outside the box and become creative thinkers
• Increase your business visibility and learn to be a "Connector"
• Learn to sell your strengths and buy your weaknesses
• Understand your communication style and learn to link to others whose style you need
• Find ways to harness your own strengths and those of your team and use them proactively
• See and hear what others have done and use their stories as a template

Program Workbook

Love the program? Need some help to remember and apply the things you KNOW you won't hear anywhere else?

Your participants will leave with tailored information to achieve your objectives. Interactive exercises, with detailed explanations...keep Donna's unique program working for you and your organization for months to come!

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