Resources recommended by Donna:

  1.  – list of current and future opening on boards. Recommend that you contact your MPP and inform them that you are interested in or have become a member of any specific board.

  2.  – requires password. It is a source of information of companies that are involved with international selling in Canada - i.e. High Tech companies in Germany, find who in the consulate office. You may be able to front end project work for companies trying to do business in Canada.  Consider any languages you speak.  Use this skill to work with foreign companies.

  3. Newcomers to Canada” – Day Planner
    - Free from: Canadian Foundation for Economic Education
    - Source of information about jobs, government, education

  4. The Mentoring Partnership
    - Designed for large corporations to help new Canadians
    - Includes all major banks and IT companies.

  5. The Definitive Guides” – distributed by RBC
    - Not often known to RBC branch personnel
    - Offered for free
    - Can order on RBC Website

  6. Snap – fastest growing publication in Canada
    - Lowest cost of franchise
    - Allows input from almost anyone that will create a new story
    - Google “Snap Oakville” – look for other geographic locations

  7. Donna Messer’s Book – made a best seller by RBC buying enough for all their business bankers. Effective Networking Strategies. Available on line as a PDF.

  8. Enterprise Magazine– A magazine for small business. They always look for articles relevant to their topic. Available on the ConnectUs Website

  9. Career Options – focus on Colleges and Universities    
    - People on the board are people you need to know
    - Need people who are willing to speak with students about career options
    - Very receptive to alumni

  10. Women with VisionMagazine  and Men with Vision – Lorraine Leslie

  11. The Story of Donna Messer” – 2nd Chance - CD on Donna’s web site

  12. A Walk in a Forest – CD on Donna’s web site

  13. Durham Homepreneurs

  14. IAAP International Association of Administrative Professionals

  15.  Jean’s Marines –join hundreds of women run marathon

  16. “Liaison College”
    – Team building
    – How to cook in different ways. 

  17. &
    Annie Woods is the contact

  18. Rotary Clubs” – vaccinated millions of kids against polio
    – great connection for speakers, and travel throughout the world.

  19. Zonta – Health welfare and status of Women
    – Helena Guergis
    – newly appointed minister

  20. Toastmasters

  21. Canadian Futures Development Corporation CFDC

  22. UOIT
    - Pat Olive, Director for Durham economic development
    - Rick Lee, Durham training Board

  23. Federal Government Appointments -

  24. Governor in Council - Appointments -

  25. Human Resources and Social Development Council

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