Dining with Donna




Dining with Donna

Spend an hour or so with Donna and buy her breakfast, lunch or dinner! 

Many of you have been part of the ConnectUs network for years, and we believe some of you would welcome the chance to have an hour or so with her to brainstorm and generally get yourself focused on what’s next in your career, your business or your life.
This new program idea has come from an old friend and colleague of the ConnectUs network, it’s Mr. Bob in Barrie. He feels that many entrepreneurs and businesses owners take advantage of his “Buy Mr. Bob Lunch” coaching program because it’s affordable and it works!  www.mrbob.ca

While “Dining with Donna” doesn’t replace her coaching sessions, it does give you a chance to pick her brain and to garner all that data that is floating around just waiting for you to access it!

“Dining with Donna” will be scheduled to fit both parties timeframe. It will be in Oakville and ConnectUs will make the reservation with a local Kerr Village Restaurant. The cost of “Dining with Donna” is the meal and a $50.00 donation to her favourite charity which is Kerr Street Ministries.  

If you want to take advantage of our offer – call now and book “Dining with Donna”. Remember, you pick up the tab and the additional $50.00 goes to Charity.

It’s our way of saying thank you to all those wonderful people who are part of the ConnectUs network. It’s a win all around, Donna gets a chance to reconnect and get an update on you and your business. You get the chance to brainstorm with her and access all those wonderful resources she has. A donation is made to her favourite charity and Kerr Village Restaurants get more visibility and additional business!  

If you want to “Dine with Donna”, call 905-337-9578 and ask for Richard.

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