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I’ve just been honoured by the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (www.cacee.com). I received an award from the National CACEE conference held in Ottawa.

A quote from John Stockwell, RBC's representative on the CACEE Board of Directors says it all - "Donna Messer, won our Outstanding Achievement Award presented last night at our President's Dinner and Awards banquet. I sit on the National Board of CACEE and Donna was the unanimous winner of this prestigious award."

The award is to recognize a major, definable contribution made to the fields of career planning and recruitment.


I’m just back from the CWIA conference in Ottawa where I met a group of awesome women all of whom are connected with the world of aviation. Imagine almost 200 incredibly talented women all sharing their stories, their experiences and their contacts. The next conference is scheduled for Victoria, BC in 2007. Will I be there? You bet! If you want to know more about career opportunities in this sector – connect with me, and I’ll introduce you to new ways to take flight! www.cwia.org I include a couple of pictures to see just what this group looks like!

Autism, Disabilities and ConnectUs

We care about kids and we know we can help make a difference in their lives. We have launched Wheel Appeal to help kids in wheelchairs partner with service dogs who can help make life more valuable when they enter high school. We know that the stories of kids with Autism should be told and Jeff Foreman’s poem is a beginning for him and his journey through life with Autism. I encourage young kids to write, Keegan O’Leary is a perfect example of what a young boy can accomplish when they put pencil to paper. Castle of Dragons is his story, and it truly deserves to be shared. We continue to work with Community Living and will be helping to raise awareness for self advocacy. We will be at a conference sponsored by Friends of We Care – come and join us! www.friendsofwecare.org We will be at the Hockley Valley Inn in the fall and hope to see you there!

Inukshuk Publishing

We have been asked to help authors become published and there are many ways to help make this happen. We are sharing what we learn. We launched Inukshuk Publishing to help facilitate self-publishing and ebooks.


We now offer a new coaching session using the FloWork system. This allows us to monitor your progress. Everyone wants to achieve their goals, using this new method of coaching provides you with the process that you can self monitor. It doesn’t allow for procrastination, so all of you who are out there that haven’t achieved, might want to investigate what we can offer you. The system takes you from an “opportunity” and it helps you to identify just what those opportunities are. Using the process those coached will find the solutions they seek. We offer one on one, and team coaching. The results are awesome!

ConnectUs will continue to innovate – watch for our radio program that will be connecting all of the colleges and universities across the country to recruiters, employers, government and other education facilities. Awesome!

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