Why just fax documents, when you can virtual fax them?




The original concept of virtual faxing was designed three years ago by co-founder and CEO of Pontus IP Solutions, Joseph Nour. Nour, who has over 14 years of telecommunications experience and holds a Bachelors Degree of Applied Science and executive MBA from the University of Ottawa, felt that basic fax machines weren’t convenient enough for the business world. “People can’t depend on a stationary fax machine. They need more convenience, and this online system gives that to them.”

Virtual Fax is a convenient, email based fax service. It enables large businesses and corporations to use their existing email accounts and the Internet to send and receive virtual faxes without a fax machine.

Virtual faxing eliminates the high cost and maintenance of fax machines, fax lines, fax servers, supplies, and long-distance telephone service.

In a recent study, it was found that in corporate businesses, their faxing costs were reduced by an astounding 60 per cent. In 2004, Nour decided that a smaller Virtual Fax system was necessary for smaller home-based, and traveling businesses. In May 2004, MyFax was added to the Pontus IP Solutions Internet faxing idea.

MyFax is the same concept as Virtual Fax, but with less cost per month, and less memory space. It is a more personal program geared towards people on the move like lawyers, accountants, and entrepreneurs.

Nour found that people needed to be able to reach their faxes anywhere anytime. “Fax machines are extremely popular in the business world, and their use is still growing. People just needed to be more mobile.”

There are many benefits to Virtual Fax and MyFax besides their convenience. Your fax number is always on and will never display a busy signal. Your computer does not need to be turned on in order to receive faxes, and faxes are stored in your email inbox, where you can choose which ones to save, and which ones to dispose of.

In order to make a complete assessment of Pontus IP Solutions Internet faxing system, ConnectUs Communications Canada will be testing the MyFax program in their offices.

For more information and pricing on Virtual Fax and MyFax Internet faxing systems, visit the Pontus IP Solutions website, www.protus.com

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