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Where do I go for editing, publishing and ghost writing?

There are so many good writers and editors out there. The first place to go is to your network and ask, “who do you know?” The second place is to the web – use your search engine. There are associations for everything and the topics in this months FAQ’s are no exception.

One good writer is Bob Leishman, he did the review on my workshop, and he also reviewed two workshops for Hypnotherapist, Debbie Papadakis. Not only is he a good writer, he is a great researcher and enjoys. Irene Beker is a coach, and is also an excellent writer, who occasionally will take on an edit or a ghost writing contract.

Coaches are everywhere and the most important thing you can do for yourself is to find one that resonates with you. If you are looking for a business coach – make sure the one you choose is successful in his/her own right. You don’t want someone who doesn’t walk the talk! If it’s a life coach, look at their life style – does it compliment where you want to be? Most coaches are graduates from a coaching university and must put in a required number of hours before they are able to use the designation. Coaching originated with sports, and has come a complete 360 taking in every facet of life.

I was introduced to Publish America check it out – it might work for you. No charge to publish, lots of help with getting the book into print, and then it’s up to you to get it to market!

A list of websites that might prove helpful.



What is an E book?

This is an electronic book that can be posted for sale on your website. It’s cost efficient and will provide any budding author with the chance to publish at little or no cost! If the book is a successful one, it can quickly be put into the next category which is a POD book – or a print on demand book. In this situation it’s only printed when you have orders, again very cost efficient. Finally it’s a Pbook, or a print book – this can be self published, or it can be taken to a publisher for consideration. There is a great deal of work involved, so ask someone who has already done their homework to share with you. I took a course a year or so ago which provided me with a wealth of information on the publishing business. I’m happy to share what I’ve learned with you. Book a coaching session with me, and I’ll walk you through all the steps you need to cover to get that book out of your head and into production. There are templates for ebooks. And there are printer that are anxious to focus on new business opportunities. One such printer is JBPrinters. http://www.knowledge-download.com/writing-ebook.html

How do I use a Blog?

The Blog has been gaining momentum, and from a technical standpoint, it’s a great way to journal what’s happening in your life, your business, or with your special interest. Several of our FloWorkers have included a blog in their business plan – with permission you can check out Ausma Ainsworth and Steve Gillian – they have both done an awesome job on their Blogs. Jeff Keegan can help you set up your own Blog – simply go to www.nano-fish.com and ask!

How do I network a room effectively?

I wrote an article that might prove useful. Read it. Working a room is a technique that works for both you and the other people in the room. Make sure that you follow the rules. The link following is from my website – networking is like a game of checkers – sometimes it’s your move, and sometimes – it’s not! Use the game with my compliments! http://www.connectuscanada.com/networking4.htm

Do I need a coach?

Ask yourself - Am I accomplishing all I want at this time in my life? Are there areas where I’m not satisfied with my progress? If the answer to either of these questions is yes – it’s time to search out a coach. They can help you find out why you aren’t achieving and they can unblock and help you move forward. They don’t create miracles, but they do extend your reach and in almost every case help you reach your goals.

How do I become a speaker?

One of the best ways to become a speaker it to just do it! If you truly want to stand up in front of an audience and educate and entertain – start now! Join Toast Masters – this is a great way to learn and to find supportive colleagues. Develop a 15 minute edutainment piece. Pick a topic you are passionate about and weave that into a story. Good speakers tell stories, there is plenty of body language and voice inflection when you tell stories. Just speaking can be boring. Offer to speak at local service clubs like Rotary – they don’t pay, but it’s a heck of a learning process. Rotarians come from all walks of life and will spread the word that they’ve just heard a great speaker! Join CAPS once you have met their criteria. Canadian Association of Professional Speakers is another very supportive group that will help you on your journey into the world of the spoken word. The American Speakers Association is another to consider once you’ve achieve recognition. There is a process that a speaker must go through in order to reach their goals – get a coach, write a book, be visible, find your niche, and learn to market yourself.

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