The Castle of Dragons

- Keegan O'Leary




It was a sunny day and I was walking in the park when suddenly I stumbled upon a garden gate. I was curious. I pushed it open and peeked inside. And there stood the most wonderful castle. It was huge! It had 4 tall spires and a courtyard in the middle. It was surrounded by water in a moat. The drawbridge suddenly dropped. But my curiosity overcame me……I just had to see inside the castle walls. As I quickly snuck into the courtyard, no one saw me. I went into a dark corner so that no one could see me. This would give me time to get my bearings. I was pondering because it seemed curious that there were no knights walking around and no people to be seen. What was going on here? The place seemed deserted. But there directly in front of me, was the reason that everything was so quiet. In the very same dark corner was a dragon. As I took him in with my eyes, I caught a glimpse of his ferocious teeth, and his amazing size. But something seemed out of place. This dragon was cold to the touch and did not breath fire. His breath could freeze anything in an instant.

Out of all the stories I have read about dragons, I had never read one about a dragon made entirely of ice. I quickly rolled up in a ball so that he could not see me. Finally, after what seemed like eternity, he passed right by me. A path of snow left in his footsteps. I let out my breath. It was the closest I had ever been to a dragon and I truly felt like I would never live to see tomorrow. Phew! That was close.

Just then, I turned another corner and you can just imagine what I saw next. It was a dragon convention! There were ice dragons, cave dragons, leaf dragons, forest dragons, jumping dragons and one that I am scared out of my mind to tell you about – a fire breathing dragon. I wondered where all these different dragons could have come from, and where all the people from the castle had gone. Suddenly, I started to feel strange – I felt dizzy and then I felt like I was stronger and bigger than an ox. I decided to find out what was going on so I looked one way and then the other. There were no dragons to be seen so I raced to the stairs. I climbed up the stairs. Somehow it seemed the stair were getting smaller each step I took. Then out of nowhere, I heard “Help!!!!” I went to see what was happening and what I saw that day answered my question. There stood a knight. But what surprised me was that under his armor, he had a tale, wings and very big claws. They seemed to be growing! I heard a huge roar. And then the knight spoke his last words to me……….He said “Hurry, get out of this castle before you turn into a dragon like me!” I was confused. I ran so fast I felt like I was flying – because I was! I saw my own reflection in the water as I sailed over the castle wall and over the moat.

I truly was a dragon! It was scary but I felt so strong and at the same time so alone. The moment I touched the ground on the outside of the castle I began to change back to my normal self. What an amazing castle! What an amazing journey!
While I was walking back home through the forest I noticed that I was still very much like a dragon. I leaned on a tree to rest and it fell over. The good thing is that I lived happily every after as the dragon boy.

Keegan O’Leary is a lover of dragons and magic, with an incredible imagination. Keegan is nine years old and lives with his mother, sister, 2 dogs, a cat, and a newt, in Alliston, Ontario.

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