Coaching with Donna




Get Ready, Get Set………….Grow your networking skills with Donna Messer!

Do you want to maximize your networking skills?
Be honest - can you measure the results of your networking? If not – why not?
Donna Messer will show you how to Monitor, Measure and Maximize your Network!

ConnectUs invites you to consider a coaching session with Donna that will guarantee you the return you need on the time you invest in networking.

It’s all about utilizing a proven networking system that Donna Messer has been using all her life. The process, designed by Dr. John Paul Hatala – systematically takes you through the stages needed to make sure that each “opportunity” is taken to a profitable solution. The system is called FloWork.

The coaching sessions will give you the chance to bring your opportunities to the expert. Donna will not only teach you how to use her system, she will walk you through your “opportunities” and help you take them to “solution”. This is hands-on and interactive. You will network more efficiently and you will be able to measure your results!

Cost: - $500.00 plus taxes. This includes Donna’s book, “Effective Networking Strategies”, the FloWork binder, the CD, and a workbook.

Where: ConnectUs International Inc.
Address: 323 Kerr Street, Suite 202, Oakville, ON L6K 3B6
Dates: We work 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. but can accommodate special needs.
Timing: One hour taped session, and a follow up one hour, with 90 days of monitoring.
What do I need to do: Fill out the coaching form, then call and book your time.

ConnectUs Communications Canada
323 Kerr Street, Suite 202, Oakville, Ontario L6K 3B6
Phone: 905-337-9578 Fax: 905-337-9320


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ConnectUs Communications Canada
323 Kerr Street, Suite 202 , Oakville
ON L6K 3B6
Phone: (905) 337-9578

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