The Art of Effective Networking




The Art of Effective Networking and the expanded Network to Get Work program

Based on the conversation and brainstorming we have done over the past few weeks, I really feel that we are almost at a point where we have a set of tools that will enable ConnectUs to franchise not only the Network To Get Work (NTHW) program, but offer coaches a training program in the “Art” of effective networking.

The question was asked is “Art” a skill or a talent?

The answer? Art as a noun denotes skill in doing or performing, which is attained by study, practice or observation.

According to the dictionary: Art is -

  1. The conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colours, forms, movements.
  2. A system of principles and methods employed in the performance of a set of activities.

If “Art” is a skill, then ConnectUs is the company that can provide the opportunity to:

  • Practice the art, through Network to Get Work events
  • Study the art, through training programs.
  • Observe the art, through keynotes at conferences and events.

In order to make the “Art” something that everyone wants and needs, we need to make sure that the package is able to fulfill all of the needs listed above.

The idea of including Maslow's Hierarchy according to Messer is a good one. It is our understanding that the level in the Hierarchy needs to be identified before any action can be taken. Once the level of need is identified, the program is structured to enable forward movement within their own personal/professional need.

The colour theory provides an opportunity to determine where the participant is within the hierarchy as well. Are they seeking to build rapport, gather information or get results? Recognize that some have determined what they want as their first priority, and it is only a secondary priority to build rapport, or gather information. Using “ Link and Think ” as part of the program will add value.

The W3 is already an important part of the Network to Get Work package. Nina is working on simplifying the online registration. If we can get participants to recognize the importance of this piece, it will become an even more valuable tool. Posting an edited W3 (which could be an added value of the coaching received at a NTGW event) on the Forum could create more value to participants.

The Mind Map has been a valuable tool for us for all of our coaching sessions. This could be another tool to include at Network to Get Work events. Using some of the questions on list as ice breakers, could provide the coaches, with additional ways to add value to the program. By finding more common denominators between participants at the NTGW event, it will create more business development all around.

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