One More Memory




This is the story of the positive power of connecting – it's about people helping people.

I was at a Dementia Conference la few months ago and I was introduced to Sara Westbrook and her mother Linda.

This is the story of Brenda Hounam, a mother of two …. Brenda has Alzheimer Disease.

Brenda was in St. Thomas speaking about how this disease has affected her…she said how sad she was at the thought of being unable to recognize her children….of what they would go through when she no longer knew them.

Brenda is a music lover, and she thought that a song might be one way to keep the memory of the “real” her in the hearts of her children.

She connected with Linda, who talked to her daughter Sara, who connected with her friends Andrew and Matthew. Sara, Andrew and Matthew wrote the One More Memory with Brenda's blessing.

Then the team expanded their networking and found a producer, musicians and a choir!

They not only used their network they connected with the best!

Mix Engineer Troy Bynoe, guitarist Justin Abedin, Drummer Wilson Laurencin and the JUNO award winning Toronto Mass Choir and it was all pulled together at one of North America's premier recording studios Metalworks.

Why am I telling this story? Because the power of people helping people is really what networking is all about and by using whom you know wisely – amazing things can happen.

Networking is tapping into the people you know – one more memory is just another way that the moment has been captured.

Listen carefully and you will hear One More Memory…………..a gift from Sara and her team for all who might some day forget whom they know……….

This is Social Capital at it's finest…… To order a copy of the CD go to

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