Selling the FloWork Program

  1. Introduce the concept FloWork is a systematic process to networking. The goal is for participants to reach their FlowingPoint.

    a. An individual has reached their FlowingPoint when they've maximized the number of contacts in their network who can provide information that leads to a solution.

    b. An organization has reached their FlowingPoint, when a continual flow of information is occurring from all departments, units and employees.

  2. FloWork program will assist in the following ways:

    a. Individuals Career, business start-up, sales, consulting, hobbies, dating, personal development.

    b. Organizations Succession planning, performance, training, development, recruitment, selection.

  3. Decide which FloWork program matches prospect: MyFloWork, Corporate FloWork, Education FloWork, SME FloWork and Mentor FloWork. Based on prospect, above programs geared to audience.
  4. FloWork program can be delivered as follows:

    a. Half-day workshop with no follow-up (introductory)

    b. Full-day workshop with no follow-up (more detail)

    c. 3 Workshops over 3 months (Groups of 25 with unlimited number of groups)

    d. 3 Workshops over 3 months with assigned FloWork Coach (Groups of 25 with unlimited number of groups)

Individuals Join group of 25 individuals to form network and develop networking skills

Individuals and Coach Join group of 25 individuals plus have access to FloWork network (1000's) through coach

Organizations Create groups of 25 and have access to as many groups created for organization

Organizations and Coach Create Groups of 25, have access to groups created for organization, plus FloWork network (1000's)

5. Customized content for session is based on FlowScale assessment for each participant prior to the workshop. Participants access assessment online and a report is created on each individual and if applicable for department, unit or organization.

6. Assessment results are provided for each participant at the time of the workshop.

7. FloWork coach/trainer is assigned based on assessment results to match profile.

8. Pricing for FloWork is based on the timeline structure identified in (2). Additional cost for FloWork tool depending on number of participants.

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