How to build a Community




Use the acronym RISE and watch communities in Canada SHINE!

Rapport, Information, Solutions - Ethically

Build a rapport with the people in your neighbourhood. Gather information on concerns that impact your area. Find solutions together, utilizing the talents of many, not just the skills of a few. And, do it ethically learn to listen to everyone in the community offer equal responsibility for equal involvement. The safety, security and growth of any community is all about our Social Capital. Statistics prove that the higher the Social Capital is in a community, the lower the crime rate, the higher the economy and the safer its citizens.

The following list offers suggestions to build a stronger, more economically sound, community!

  • Turn off your TV, leave your house and get to know your neighbours.
  • Look up when you're walking, greet people.
  • If you aren't one to walk, sit on your front porch, smile and say hello as people pass by, plant flowers, they say welcome to my home.
  • Use your library, read together. Learn to play again. Buy from local merchants.
  • Share what you have with those who have needs. Help a lost dog find home.
  • Take local children to the park. Garden together.
  • Support neighbourhood schools and initiatives.
  • Fix it, even it you didn't break it. Have pot luck suppers, honour elders in the community. Pick up litter, read stories aloud, dance in the street celebrate life in your community!
  • Talk to your mail courier, listen to the birds, put up a swing and use it.
  • Help someone carry something heavy.
  • Barter goods and services, trading helps build a stronger community.
  • Start a tradition, hold a festival, celebrate diversity.
  • Ask questions, and be prepared to answer a few of your own.
  • Hire young people, mentor them, share your knowledge and your resources.
  • Organize a block party, bake extra and share it with seniors.
  • Ask for help when you need it, and be prepared to give help when asked.
  • Sing together, share your skills, turn up the music and take back the night!
  • Listen, before you react in anger.
  • Learn to mediate conflict, seek to understand, learn from new ideas and suggestions.
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable for there are plenty of ways to get the job done! Understand that no one wants to be silent, but many in a community are not heard.
  • Learn to listen and the true voice of your community will be heard!

Social capital refers to the norms and networks that enable collective action in a community. Increasing evidence shows that social cohesion social capital is critical for poverty alleviation and sustainable human and economic development.

Social capital is not just the sum of the institutions, organizations, and individuals that underpin a society it is the glue that holds them together.

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