Why Does Your Business Need a Web Site?

- By Nina Menezes




1. Do you advertise in the media?
2. Do you have a printed brochure or other promotional material?
3. Would you like prospective clients to find information about you easily?
4. Would you like your products or services to be available world-wide?
5. Would you like to sell your products or services online 24 hours a day?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then you should have a Web site.

According to the latest statistics, people are spending an increasing amount of time on the Internet and watching less TV. You can't afford NOT to have a Web site. If you do have a Web site, how can you get that Web site to work for you instead of just sitting there gathering dust? Most Web sites just sit there and gather dust - they go nowhere and make no profit. They're an expense not an asset. An effective Web site is one that gives you a profitable return on your investment.

How do you make your Web site an asset?
- By creating a Web site that builds your business brand and can easily be found on the internet
- By increasing the visibility of your business to millions of people in cyberspace.

Consider the following facts:
- 50% of households own a computer
- 37% of households have access to the internet
- half billion people use the internet worldwide

Can you afford to ignore these potential customers?

People are looking online for your type of business and they need to find you! If you don't have an effective Web site, they will NOT find you. This means loss of potential business. An effective, well-organized Web site has the awesome potential to reduce costs and increase revenue.

Here is what an effective Web site does:

Your website must be a part of your branding. Branding is what differentiates you from the millions of sites out there and establishes your corporate identity. For example - "when you think Volvo, you think safety."

An effective Web site reaches new, untapped resources that introduce you and your products or services to an otherwise unreachable market.

Reduced printing costs
A Web site helps to reduce your costs, there is no need for postage and handling. Compared to other advertising media like printed brochures, an effective Web site is an excellent return on investment.

Reduced Marketing Costs
A Web site is much more cost efficient - when compared to radio, TV, newspaper or billboard ads. A Web site decreases administrative costs, normally associated with paper-based information.

Increased Sales
A Web site provides your business with a 24/7 presence and can attract international customers that a business would normally not reach. Instant access to information about your company and products helps to attract new business.

Up-to-Date Information
Updates are as often as possible and the changes are instant. Costs are nominal.

Online Brochure
Your effective Web site is an online brochure providing current, relevant information about your business to your customers.

Imagine if you had an ebook, an audio or a video that took you a day to create and that single product now generates $5,000 per month in sales. Wouldn’t it be worth it to have that effective Web site working for you now?

For more information on how to make your Web site an effective one - a Web site that will work for you, contact Nina Menezes at nina@interdream-designs.com.

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