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- By Jeremy O'Krafka




Editor’s note – Jeremy and I met several years ago – his enthusiasm and drive are hard to match – he is a shining example of the importance of supporting organizations like ACE and the young people who are part of this new culture. Jeremy has recently taken on the role of National Manager for CACEE – The Canadian Association for Career Educators, another important organization to keep in your network. Jeremy is on a ConnectUs opportunity team and his insight will be invaluable.

Four years ago, entrepreneurship was a taboo subject in the Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business and Economics. Classes on entrepreneurship were considered fringe and celebrating entrepreneurship as a career option was almost non-existent. Jump forward to today and WLU's student's and SBE are at the forefront in Canada, for creating a campus culture of entrepreneurship.

On May 11th, ACE (Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship) Laurier was awarded it's second consecutive national title as Canada's "Most Enterprising Campus". The award was presented to the ACE team, following a two-day showcase of the projects they had presented over the previous year. The judging panel for the preliminary and final round of the showcase consisted of over 150 of Canada's business leaders. More information on ACE Canada's national exposition can be found at

Since it's inception four years ago, ACE Laurier has had exceptional growth. In its first year, it grew from three student members to over 130--current membership stands at over 200, receiving recognition as WLU's most active campus-club for 2003-2004.

The Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship, now in it's second year of operation, represents the shift in focus for WLU's business faculty. Lead by former business owner Steve Farlow, The Schlegel Centre has helped entrench a culture of entrepreneurship in a school traditionally focused on corporate management. More information on the Schlegel Centre can be found at

In institutions across Canada, entrepreneurship has gained a foothold, both culturally and as a desired career for young people.

Jeremy O'Krafka is the National Manager for Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE) He can be reached at The website for information on the CACEE conference being held in Winnipeg is at

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