Where do we begin? What’s our Flowing Point? Statistics show that there is always a situation that marks the need for the flow of information and resources. What it is and where it starts is the Flowing Point.

As an author and motivational speaker, I’ve been encouraging my audiences to tell me what they need. I begin each speech with “Hello, My name is Donna Messer, “How can I help you?” The phrase is on my business cards, on my website, in all my workshops – and, it’s the beginning of all of my relationships with people who ask for my help. It’s The Flowing Point, and it helps me determine what’s needed.

For the past 10 years, I have followed a process, always entering into the relationship with my clients at a point that I pre-determine by asking a series of questions. I recognized early in my practice that I couldn’t effectively help my clients reach their goals without first knowing who they were, what they needed, and what they were willing to do in order to help themselves. My models were simple – each client needed to fill out two assessments, a W3 and an AHA Mind Map. These basic tools provided me with a starting point for all my coaching sessions.

We founded a company called ConnectUs to handle the processing of all of the information needed to help our clients. We found that our clients wanted to make changes in their lives, to find new careers, to move up the ladder, to find partners, to travel, to believe in themselves and their dreams. We quickly learned that in order to help them help themselves; we needed to know where to begin.

We learned very quickly that communication was a critical factor to success. We found we needed to understand how to “communicate with each other” to speak the same language. We developed a process that would help us understand our client’s communication style. The process is called the “Link and Think Exercise” or “LATE. It’s a simple model that helps us determine their method of processing information. The exercise quickly helps us determine their communication style. Once recognized, we work within that style using auditory, kinesthetic or visual methods of communication.

Once clients have been processed through the assessments, our research has proven that clients were not only able to determine what they needed, we were able to provide them with an acceptable method of follow through that made it easier for them to achieve their goals. We were able to take them from problem, to opportunity, to solution – efficiently.

We found that clients liked to be monitored, to measure their progress. We set up a process that made monitoring and measuring an easy and acceptable part of our program.

It wasn’t until I sat down with Dr. John-Paul Hatala that I realized that no matter who it was, or what the situation, there was always a pattern to the methods we used to help people help themselves.

It was only a matter of time, until we recognized that we were in the flow. Where we were in the flow, was difficult to determine, until we could make an assessment of what was needed. Using our combined talents and tools, the light went on, and the river of information began to flow. We were at the point in our communication, where we understood that people need to know their own Flowing Point before they can actually get into the stream of connections they need to achieve.

Dr. Hatala and I had found our Flowing Point!

We began to work together, pooling our resources and our energies. The results have been incredible. A book, jointly authored called The Flowing Point: Reaching Network Capacity is being written. The book is an easy to understand, roadmap of discovery. Taking the reader from where they are, to where they want to go. Describing the journey, complete with all the little side trips they will encounter along the way.

According to the book, life is very much like a river, with continuous flow over rocks, around bends, through turbulence, to a final destination. Like the river, we need to be aware of the flow, recognizing that whether we want to move forward or not – we will.

Comparing life to a river helps the reader recognize that when change happens, they are often uncomfortable, they want to stay where they are, content at their chosen spot in the river. The flowing point, provides a series of self-assessments, analogies, and stories that will provide the reader with the desire to jump in and begin to go with the flow.

The Flowing Point comes at the process of handling that change from two perspectives –Dr. John Paul Hatala provides the assessment tools, the measurements and the models. Donna Messer provides the network, the relationships and communications skills. Together, they encourage the reader to recognize their fears and move forward.

The Flowing Point is a must read for everyone. The FlowWork program will be available on line and at workshops and seminars across the country.

Ask yourself this question – Where do I want to go with my life? If you haven’t found the answer – it’s just possible that you haven’t determined where you are in the flow.

FAQ’s – www.FlowWork.com

What's the Flowing Point?
Simply put, when an individual has reached their Flowing Point, they have maximized the number of contacts in their network who can provide information that leads to a solution. It's one thing for a person to have a large network, but if they are unable to tap into the information available, what good does it do to simply claim that you know many people. When you have reached your Flowing Point, it does not simply mean that you have a large network, size in this case does not necessarily matter. What's more important is that you know what information you can gather from your network and how you can utilize it to come to a solution.

How do I know if I reached my Flowing Point?
The easiest way, but necessarily the most common, is to determine how successful you are. The majority of successful people have the ability to gather information and use it to come to a solution. Whether it is learning to cook or running a Fortune 500 company, the key to success lies in the ability to gather information and use it to your advantage. Do you find that you have a large network but find it difficult to get the information you need to reach a solution? Do you have difficultly generating a next step with people you meet? Is it difficult for you to get people to call you back? Once you find an answer from a contact are you able to do something with it. If you answered yes to any of these questions, you most likely have not reached your Flowing Point.

How do I reach my Flowing Point?
Knowledge is really power! FlowWork has created a program that works with individuals to unleash their ability to gather information and actually use it. How many times have you been put in contact with someone, only to find out that you have no idea what to do next. FlowWork not only connects people with others, but works on building networking skills, which provide a win-win scenario for all party's involved. Growing your network is one thing, utilizing the information within that network is a skill that can be learned and used to achieve success.

What’s my FlowScale?
Think of a time when you required some information. The information you required may have had to do with starting a business, looking for a job or learning how to cook. Whatever the task was, you required information to come to a solution. The FlowScale is a tool, to assess each of 69 statements and their impact on your ability to gather the necessary information required to become successful. In the assessment, you look at each statement and determine if it is characteristic or uncharacteristic of how you would typically deal with each situation.

How do I get involved in the Flowing Point process?
FlowWork has a number of different programs available. Whether you are an individual who is looking to meet other people or you're trying to start a small business, FlowWork offers something for everyone. The programs offered include:

• My FlowWork
• Corporate FlowWork
• Mentoring FlowWork
• Education FlowWork
• SME FlowWork

When Is the BOOK - Flowing Point: Reaching Network Capacity going to be available?
Flowing Point: Reaching Network Capacity will be on bookshelves in early spring. If you're interested in reserving your copy in advance, please contact one of our FlowWork representatives today.
What is My FlowWork? This is a program that is geared to the individual who is seeking to broaden their networks. Whether it is learning how to cook or searching for work, the My FlowWork program works with individuals to get in the flow of information that is required for them to reach a solution. Through the assistance of a FlowWork Coach, individuals will work on increasing the number of contacts they have to generate the information required to become successful at a specific task or in life in general.

What is Corporate FlowWork?
This is a program that works within organizations to increase the flow of information from department to department. The more information an employee possesses about their role within the organization, the more likely they are able to make decisions that positively impact the organization. Corporate FlowWork works with departments within organizations to determine their present flow of information, which departments and employees are in the flow and how can the flow of information be increased to impact the bottom line.

What is Mentoring FlowWork?
This program works with existing corporate and public sector programs. This program focuses specifically on the importance of gathering information and matching individuals that make the most sense. Through the Mentoring FlowWork program, individuals will learn how to identify specific individuals that will assist in their development.

What is Education FlowWork?
This program works with High School, College and University students to ensure they become aware of the power of information by networking. Special presentations are prepared for existing classes on the importance of networking and getting in the flow of information. This program allows students to learn first hand how networking helps them to gather information regarding anything from educational programs to who to talk to on how to get started in their career.

What is SME FlowWork?
This program works with small and medium sized enterprises to help develop and grow a successful network. The SME program is designed to assess the existing and potential contacts necessary to succeed within specific sectors. Whether it's a new or existing business, the SME program works on growing the number of contacts who can provide information that leads to a successful solution. A FlowWork Coach is utilized to assist in the development of a strong network.

How can I become a FlowWork Coach?
The FlowWork Certification process teaches those already working as coaches to provide their clients with the FlowWork Networking method. A MyFlowWorkManager Board Review helps people understand and recognize the stage of their networking process. By identifying the contact stage, corrective actions may be taken to develop a plan and action to increase the flow of information. As a result, clients will reach their Flowing Point much faster and your ability to help more people reach solutions will benefit you as well as your agency.

Those who become certified on the FlowWork System will have access to MyFlowWorkManager Boards and the FlowWork Manager. In addition to these tools, participants will have access to a network of networking practitioners who are enjoying the benefits of the system.

You're eligible for FlowWork Certification if you have:
• Previous group work or facilitation experience (minimum of 1 year);
• Experience and knowledge of networking;
• Experience as a coach;

And here are the steps in the certification process:
• Attend a 1-day certification workshop and 5 one-hour teleseminars.
• Enroll 15 - 20 clients on the FlowWork Online Management System in your agency or community within two months of this training program.
• Review client caseload with a FlowWork representative via conference call and online discussion.
• Register with the FlowWork Registry.


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