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We Choose Canada

Canada continues to be ranked as one of the United Nation’s top countries for high standards of living. Yet, given recent events, Canada’s outstanding reputation is tarnished by perceptions that have a detrimental effect on our businesses and our national spirit. It is critical for Canadians and residents to unite and dispel these myths about Canada.

We are proud to live in Canada - let’s tell the world why!

Welcome to the We Choose Canada web site. This is a unique site with the aim to be the central place for all of us who live in Canada to share our story about - Why we choose to live in Canada. This is not an easy question, but one that is important to understand why people of all nationalities and backgrounds choose to live in our country.

Please take a moment to tell us your story…
Why do you choose to live in Canada?

Everybody has a story. The reason why each of us choose to live in Canada will be fascinating. In order to share these stories, we will publish a book once our travel across Canada is complete. This book will be the first of its kind and will showcase the diversity of our nation and be a voice for what Canada has to offer.





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